Parcelable nightmares

Well, since I study Android development at Treehouse (referral link), I learn new things every week. This new knowledge I then apply to my first open source Android app “Smog”. Last week I learned to work with RecyclerViews and how to design and implement them.

What took my sleep last night was to implement methods to make the data I have of weather stations parcelable. This means: how to write the methods to transfer them from one activity (main window) to another activity.

Here is part of my code which is implemented into the stations class:

At about 1 in the morning is was completely stuck, at 10 in the morning I solved my problems and at 12 my app finally worked with the new features.

If you are interested in testing the App, let me know. I can provide you with an apk file.

My next step is to clean up the code and unify my FeinstaubStation.class into Station.class which then stores data from other service providers as well. Furthermore I want to implement a second, horizontal RecyclerView to show all the data available from each station.

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